The Impact Of Technology On Western Society Essay

706 Words Apr 27th, 2015 3 Pages
Just how significant has technology been throughout the history of western society? I would argue that technology has had a highly significant role in the evolution of western society. There is no doubt that western society as we know it would hardly resemble itself without the many technological advances it went through. Most of these advances made life much easier on the people of the west and the world. That’s not to say that there were no downsides to any of these technological advances. The steam engine is a good example of an invention that revolutionized the world while still having some negative impacts. The invent of a reliable and practical steam engine helped start the industrial revolution. Factories were able to use these engines and set up anywhere where there was a source of water used to create the steam which ran the system. This led to much prosperity at first for the people of the west as these many factories provided many factory jobs. The steam engine also made it possible for people living in rural areas to travel to the cities to work via steam powered locomotives. These trains also made it easier to transport supplies across great distances on land. With most of the jobs now located in the cities people began to flock to the cities which changed the layout of civilization. Countries went from having large rural populations to highly populated urban centers. Everyone was fine living like sardines in these over populated cities while there…

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