The Impact Of Technology On Psychology And Psychology Essay

1265 Words Mar 9th, 2016 6 Pages
The thought of having a meaningful, worthwhile, substantial conversation with a sentient robot who may efficiently give you mental treatment intrigues a mass amount of people. This is why there is a prevalence of technology in today’s psychology. Research and trials are being held to see how far one can use technology to solve and discover the mysteries of the mind. The use of technology in therapy and psychology has increased abundantly in the past years, causing psychologists to fervently advance this technology for the future. The first instances of the use of technology being applied to psychology were with the mapping of the brain through electrical stimulation. Psychologists’ goal was to understand the brain and everything that went on inside of it. They had hoped to achieve this with electrical stimulation. This all began in 1786 in Bologna, when Italian physician Luigi Galvani discovered that muscles and nerves were electrically excitable. This was a sizeable discovery for psychologists. They could now see how everything worked inside the mind and what they might be able to do for mental illnesses. As the years followed, more and more physiologists and psychologists worked together to map out the brain. In 1870, two German physiologists, Fritsch and Hitzig, got very far in their research by using canines. They became some of the first to really map out large portions of the brain. The most profound discovery was made by David Ferrier in 1875. Ferrier had been able…

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