The Impact Of Technology On Kids And Its Harmful Effects On Younger People

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Many things have changed since the very first computer was invented and wouldn 't even be called a computer compared to the ones we have today. Technology has gone a long way since then and now almost everyone now has the internet in their pockets. Even so, technology has just now improved and sadly the older generation isn 't able to enjoy it as much the younger generation does now. In Mark Bauerlein 's article Generation Text he talks about the impact of technology on kids and its “harmful” effects on younger people. Although Mark Bauerlein does make some good points in his article there are others who beg to differ such as Teaching the iGeneration by Larry D. Rosen which states how technology can be used to provide better education to children. Overall technology is not harmful at all, technology, in reality, can have positive effects on both younger people and older, it is all in how a person uses it and should be limited.
In Rosen 's article Teaching the iGeneration, he states on how technology can be used to provide children with a better education now that teachers have an immense number of sources to choose from. Rosen defines this generation as the iGeneration based on the popular apple products and explains the value of a phone now when he states, “To members of the iGeneration a phone is not a phone. It is a portable computer…”. A phone was usually known for its ability to accomplish simple tasks such as calling, but now with technological advancements so much…

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