Essay about The Impact Of Spousal Violence On Canada

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Impact on Canadians
Everyone in Canada is affected by family violence either direct or indirect. Six percent of the Canadian population has dealt with a current or former partner abuse in the previous five years (Stats Canada 2009). This means anyone can have a chance of being a victim of abuse throughout his or her lifespan. It is also common for people to know victims who are dealing with or have dealt with this form of violence. In order to care for these victims, Canadian resources and tax money are directed towards help to these individuals. According to a study of the Department of Justice Canada, "An Estimation of the Economic Impact of Spousal Violence in Canada, 2009, estimates the economic impact of one form of violence - spousal violence - to be about $7.4 billion a year, which amounts to $225.00 per Canadian" ( This illustrates how even Canadians unaware of the considerable impact spousal violence, are still indirectly funding this cause. Spousal violence affects everyone throughout Canadian society, even those unaware of its effects.
D) Peer Reviewed Journals
The ways in which victims deal with spousal abuse tend to vary by gender. An article in the Social Science & Medicine discusses the variance between males and female victims, and their abusers. According to their studies, results varied depending on the source of data. When collecting data from the justice system and police, they found intimate…

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