The Impact Of Social Media On The Collegiate Athletic World Essays

926 Words Nov 30th, 2016 4 Pages
Social Media has been an integral part of everyday life for almost 10 years. Many people have grown accustom to it and have forgotten what life was like before it existed. Social media has such a large impact that one simple post can change a person’s perspective. “Social media…shows clearly that the ‘meaning’ or ‘effect’ of digital technologies is formed through the practices in which they are used and the social relations and institutions that develop around them” (Lövheim, Jansson, Paasonen &Sumiala, 2013). Each post needs to be thoroughly thought out and planned. Social media is everywhere, for all different types of organizations, brands and products. It plays such a large role in the collegiate athletic world that consistently affects the program’s success and development. Social media is shown through numerous trends in the sports industry. With the extreme growth of social media, collegiate athletics programs have a need to implement it as a marketing strategy. Collegiate athletic departments are able to utilize the various social media platforms for different usages. “Results suggest that most athletics departments employ social media to raise awareness and support marketing objectives, but few use it for fundraising and volunteer recruitment” (Dixon, Martinez & Martin, 2015). The way social media posts are used affects the impact and likeability of the athletic program. “They can also help bond a team together, strengthen communication and build support on…

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