Essay about The Impact Of Social Media On Our Lives

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Being a teenager in today’s society is not always easy. today they are so many things that our minds become susceptible to. Those things that impact our lives now differ from those that are affecting our parents and grandparents. We all live in the same world yet, the social forces around us are not the same.
Growing up in the way society is today has shaped me in ways I never even thought about. One of the most prominent social forces that impact me and teens, in general, is technology. Our generation has grown up in what is known as the tech generation. These technological advances have also opened up new ways of being connected. Social media is just one of these but, the one that has had the greatest influence over me. One way social media has shaped me is it has made me a less and more private person. I can update my status, post a picture, or tweet something without much thought. When it comes to actually talking about it face to face I become timider. I am more likely to share something on social media than I am to talk about it with my parents. I think it’s like that because posting something doesn 't make it feel real the way talking about it does. This type of behavior is actually a norm for adolescents in our society. Another social force that has had a great influence maybe even the greatest is my family. From the very moment, I was born my family started to socialize me. Without that, I would have never known a sense of self or the generalized other.…

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