What Does It Mean To Be A Teenager?

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Teens are familiar with a lack of regard often paid them by adults who may discredit their opinions or perspectives or knowledge. Teens, however, contribute a great deal to society and have valid perspectives to share about the world. What is it with age that makes us become so cocksure in ourselves, in our opinions, and our ideas? Maybe it’s the “I was once your age and understand your situation” mambo jambo that your parents say when you’re upset or having issues, or maybe it’s that we just become forgetful to what it is really like being a kid. Being a teenager is hard, you’re expected to act like an adult but without its privileges, and when it comes down to something being your fault or people don’t like your opinions or ideas, it gets …show more content…
This freedom, was your first taste of adulthood, a privilege that is sometimes taken for granted now but when you were young, it was the pinnacle of success. It’s hard for us to recall every waking moment and emotion we have experienced in the past, I can’t remember everything that happened to me my freshman year, I just remember the major moments, the first day of high school, and making new friends. When I think of being fourteen I don’t think about being too young to do things or too old to do others but when I see the freshman today, I seem to distinctly remember “never acting that way” or “never dressing like that”. And when you hear some of the things that they say or the ideas that they have you think it 's better just to ignore them and their opinions. But it’s not, every one has an opinion and everyone has both good and bad ideas. Did you know that Philo Farnsworth came up with the idea of displaying the picture on a television screen by breaking the lines up horizontally when he was a teenager plowing corn fields. Or that the popsicle was an invented by an eleven year old named Frank Epperson? With the constant flow of knowledge coming in and the education you are receiving, you have many ideas throughout your teenage years. What matters is if you act upon them or not. It cannot be said that every idea you have when you are/were young is a good idea, but who is to say that when you 're old your ideas and opinions will all be good and

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