How Has Social Media Affected News In A Positive Way?

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Throughout the past many centuries, journalism has been the key source of bringing people information of what current events are occurring. People back then and today have relied on the news to see what is going on in the world around them. It sparks opinion among people in subjects such as politics, entertainment, social events, and many others. Journalism and news has continuously evolved throughout time. It first started through the word of mouth. Then it printed itself on paper. Eventually it got onto our screens. Today, the world’s reliance of news lies mainly in the hands of social media. This fact has raised questions as to if social media has affected news in a positive way. The involvement of social media in society has influenced …show more content…
Social media is run under one power source, the Internet. The Internet is a hub where everyone can be at one place at one time. Social media networks like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Email, and others act as bridges that connect people together in this massive hub. Accessing the Internet can be as easy as a click of a mouse or a tap of the phone. With that one simple action, one can be immersed that the mass amount of information of events that occur around them almost instantly. Because of what the advancements of technology provide, people rarely look for information through newspapers. For example, roughly two-thirds of the adult population use Facebook. Half of that amount use Facebook as a source for their news (Anderson and Caumont). That comes out to 30% of the adult population uses Facebook as a source for their news. If a reader is interested in the content that a news organization is posting, they can simply like their page to receive more information in their news feed. 34% of Facebook users like organization pages to receive more news from them (Anderson and Caumont). This statistic only covers Facebook, but there are many other social media sites which also have strong followings of news. However, social media gives readers much more than just content to …show more content…
Journalists are the ones who report the news to the public so of course with the tools that social media provides, it would be nonsense not to use them. In the same survey, 68% of journalists find posts on social media as reliable information (SMING). Also, 50% of journalists said that they used social media as their main source of information (SMING). Journalists use social media as a source of information because that is where all of the public activity occurs. Especially since many believe that the reader’s opinions are more reliable than that of the organization’s

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