Prophets Influence On Society

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The development of one society is, to an extent, determined by the influences certain leaders have on the people in the times of hardship. It is simply a concept that is to convince a certain group of people to strive towards a specific goal or mission. Whether a Prophet, King, Writer, Leader of War, or a simple boy in society, they all can have an impact on ones society and forever more change the way people live in years to come.
Isaiah was a Hebrew Prophet that lived about 700 years before the birth of Christ. Prophets are spiritual people who believe that they were chosen to teach people that God is in control and is worthy of everyone’s trust. They taught and proclaimed the word of God.
As shown in the bible, Isaiah grew up during the
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He became popular for his attacks on the French monarchy and the want for democratic reforms. After awhile he realized that he should ultimately push his views to places outside of the government. France was under turmoil and the people were just starting to rise up against the King of France, a perfect time for Roberspierre to speak his word. In diminishing the aristocracy, he looked towards the people to take a stand and continue the rise against the King. Roberspierre intended to restore order and reduce invasion from the outside world. He soon rose in political standard and came to institute the Reign of Terror in 1793, which executed thousands of suspected enemies of the Revolution and was thought to provide peace in …show more content…
He had a big impact in persuading the non-Russian population to support Lenin and the Bolsheviks. After Lenins death, Stalin took over the Soviet army and feared that there were enemies in his own country. He took action in imprisoning and executing millions of “enemies of the Soviet Union.” During the same time, World War 2 was just starting up. Stalin was able to avoid World War 2 by signing a pact with Adolf Hitler that granted the Soviet Union two years of safety. After seeing the Dictatorship that Adolf Hitler ran in Germany, he wanted the same for himself.
At the same time of the Russian Revolution, China was changing once again. The Chinese culture Kao Chueh-hui was a unique character in the book Family by Ba Jin. He was the youngest of the three brothers that took part in the Kao Family and was intrigued in rebellious acts against the traditional Chinese family system. Students had begun protesting through the May Fourth Movement. People were enraged about the Treaty of Versailles, which gave Japan

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