Essay about The Impact Of Residential Schools On Aboriginal Communities

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Residential schools were detrimental to the lives of many Aboriginal People and it is crucial that all people understand and are educated about this piece of history. Since residential schools were the engines of cultural genocide, understanding them is the key to gaining perspective into and fixing many contemporary Aboriginal issues. If all people are not educated on residential schools, there will continue to be a burden on Aboriginal communities and discrimination over contemporary issues that many Aboriginal societies and people face will continue to be a prominent issue in Canada. Educating people on the history of residential schools is also a vital way to get rid of ignorance that many non-Aboriginal Canadians have towards present and future issues that occur in Aboriginal communities and societies, as without education this ignorance will be hard to get rid of. Issues that are prominent in Aboriginal societies today include, but are not limited to, drugs, poverty, high crime rates, and effects of abuse. Many Aboriginal people also suffer from the stereotypes that encompass them and the discrimination that they often get from uneducated, ignorant people. As MacDonald & Hudson (2012) state, “Many of the challenges faced by Aboriginal peoples result from the ongoing intergenerational trauma of the Indian Residential schools system” (p. 428). In order to ensure a better future for everyone, it is crucial that all people are educated on the topic of residential schools,…

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