Essay on The Impact Of Reality Shows On Society

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A study on Impact of Reality Shows on Society


Attempt has been made to explore the students, research scholars, housewives and teachers about the reality TV show, they watch reality show, depicted in the case of these programs, the basic principles of their views and their consumption patterns views. The social impact of these programs were studied, from 100 respondents in the city Gulbarga, Karnataka sample on the basis of the responses received. The results showed that watching television programs, including the most watched reality show 's ratings and theirimpact interesting information on the type of society. Criticism of the reality show on television in the country to successfully hide the socio-economic realities in India are not completely ignored in the study.


Media put our environmental perspective, to several aspects related to the meaning and interpretation of it. They help, give us something to think and talk about the establishment of our agenda; They help us to become socialized into our communities and the political system, if necessary, participate in transition; they help us cope with or escape from the realities of life in various ways . In short, we want to belong more, to understand, to deal with some situations and greater reliance on mass media. Therefore, the media must have their own thoughts, beliefs, values have widespread influence, and even our behavior. TV is a popular and powerful media, both imitation and…

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