The Impact Of Peer Relations On Sexual Activity Among Teenagers

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“Impact of peer relations on sexual activity among teenagers” Introduction Having sex is feeling which naturally arise in a person which he/she enters in a specific age. Mostly, sex education is not given very openly in many countries as it is considered as the very personal activity. Parents also give no attention to guide their children about sex and its pros and corns (Greenberg, Magder & Aral, 1992). In a person life, his/her friends play a very important role. Most of the times, there are friends who introduce other friends to sex in the teen ages. This study is conducted to study the effects of the peer relations on sexual activity. This research is conducted to study the effects of the sex which is done by the guidance of friends. This is important to study as the peers are also immature people and they do not have proper information about the sex also as they also came to know about this activity from either TV or internet (O Donnel & Stueve, 2001). They also do not have information about what is right and what is wrong. The study will also identify the issues which arise from this kind of activity in teenage. The study will also provide the guidelines about how to educate teenagers about sexual activity. The study will also explain that what measures should be taken to reduce the peer…

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