The Impact Of New Media On Intercultural Communication

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Hawazen Ghari
BCA 613
Article Review, Sep. 8, 2014 New media not only influences the form and content of information/messages, but also affects how people understand each other in the process of human communication, especially for those from different cultural or ethnic groups.
Guo-Ming Chen (2012)
Intercultural Communication In New Media
Chen, Guo-Ming. 2012 “ The Impact of New Media on Intercultural Communication in Global Context.” China Media Research. 8 (2): 1-10.

Since the beginning of human life, people are inventing new ways for communicating such as sign language and sending messages through a traditional style based on the culture of each group. Long time ago, nations didn’t have the ability to know how other nations are living or how are they communicate. In other words, People were maintaining their own traditions and cultures. There was a lack of communication between countries; until technology started to play a big role in this field.
Nowadays, the new media has a large effect on the process of intercultural communication by two methods: the relationship between the new characteristics of the media and globalization, the different ways that new media affects intercultural communication. With all development and improvement in the media, this has reflected people’s lives, such as culture, communication, and
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First, “the impact of new media on cultural identity” which means the over use of new media has changed the identity’s definitions from its roots so that every individual has a different identity from others depending on the type of media he used to use. Second, “the impact of cultural values on new media” In other words, as much as the individuals are exposing to various media, their cultural values and knowledge values have shifted up. The exposure of new media can influence the cultural identity and its value between people and the

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