Essay about The Impact Of Natural Disaster On Economy

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The impact of natural disaster on economy Background about natural disasters
Categorizing Natural Disaster There are many types of natural disasters such as geophysical, biological, hydrological, climatological, and meteorological disasters. Geophysical disasters are events that come from the ground as in the case of earthquake and volcano. Biological disaster is an event that results from microbial organisms or toxic materials as illustrated by epidemic, insect and infestation. Hydrological disaster occurs when the flow normal water is altered by the strong wind as flood and avalanche. Climatological disaster is an event that occurs as result of climate changing in particular heat wave, extreme winter, forest fire, and drought. Meteorological disaster is an event that is related to atmosphere, for example tropical storm, cyclone (The international disaster databases, 2015).
The most countries impacted by natural disaster China is the number one country that faced the highest numbers of natural disaster that associated with all natural disaster, over two decades from 1994 to 2013 while the United States came the second, followed by Philippine. Some countries hit approximately by the same number of disaster such as India and Indonesia, Mexico, Russia, Vietnam (Centre for Research on the Epidemiology of Disasters, 2015).
The number of death as result of natural disaster
In Haiti about 231,000 people were killed by natural disaster; more than140,000 people in…

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