The Impact Of Movies On The General Public Essay

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The Impact of Movies on the General Public Movies are an unparalleled communication channel that effectively informs and entertains an audience through elaborate stories and experiences. They occupy a place in American pop-culture through their ability to evoke emotions that facilitate the bonding of friends and families. The most contradictory debate concerning movies is found in their ability to influence people’s behaviors and expectations in everyday life. Some argue that movies’ sole purpose is to entertain and negate claims that movies can contribute longterm effects. However, after analyzing certain features of film making, including the rating system, heavily personal and emotional data has led many to believe that movies have the ability to alter people’s perceptions on life. The ability of films to entertains and communicate messages, and around invoke emotional reactions, is undeniable evidence that movies have profound effects on the general public. Movies, no doubt, cause stimulation of one’s mind. So why, then, wouldn 't these stimulations cause changes in people’s perceptions and expectations. Violence is one of the most controversial subjects surrounding the social impact of movies. Specifically, debates on this topic focus on whether or not violent films promote people to behave more viciously themselves. In Elizabeth Perse’s book, Media Effects And Society, she states, “Media content fosters acceptance of violence because much media violence is…

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