Horror Film Syllabus: Supernatural Horror As A Genre?

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Bria May
Option 2: Horror Film Syllabus

A horror movie can make us scream and even laugh. We have our opinions about certain movies, either we love them or we absolutely hate them. How did the genre horror develop into a distinct form of the filmmaking experience? What are the historical influences, formal pacts, and cultural expectations that define horror as a genre?
The idea of this course is to learn and experience the supernatural horror film genre. A variety of films will be shown to provide example of film techniques, the shifting trends throughout the years as well as tips on writing a supernatural horror film. The films chosen for this course range from classics, to foreign to modern-day movies that have been released
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Unlike The Exorcist and The Evil Dead, the film lacks gore and blood but makes up for it in suspense and anticipation. The horror itself is based on the likelihood of evil not being so obvious. It is in the faces of health care professionals and friendly looking neighbors who are the true monsters. Maybe these kinds of people exist in real life without us knowing. The topic used causes the viewers to think: “Maybe it could happen to me”. The film is shot very cleverly while utilizing camera angles and longer takes. The cinematography does its purpose in capturing the film with an uncanny and sinister atmosphere which intensifies more as the film …show more content…
It is a beautifully directed film that does just that. As soon as you think you know what is happening and understand the situation, the film takes a turn in the opposite direction. There are many surprises that are discovered in the film ultimately revealing the biggest revelation at the end. The camera work was sometimes very swift and fast pace and in certain scenes, slows creating tension, bringing the viewer in closer. This film is more than a psychological supernatural thriller; it can be described as a puzzlingly heartbreaking poem in action. The aesthetic beauty that the film has adds character to the house and the film

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