Essay on The Impact Of Media On The Media

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In recent years, media has been benefiting the healthcare system in keeping in touch with consumers to provide health information and updates. However marketing is a big part of media. Marketing is a process that involved using strategies and planning programs in order to successfully advertise the product and contribute positively to the shareholders. Marketing is also a way of building a relationship with consumers, and its goal is to advertise products that people can relate to and it often leads to trust. However, sometimes this trust is misused when certain marketing techniques influence the messages being advertised to the consumers. The article “The reporting of health information in the media” (2014) suggests that although health information in the media can benefit the consumers and keeps them connected, the information can be “confusing, biased, contradictory, or misleading” (Roxanne, paragraph 2). The article elaborates on the many techniques like persuasion, and fearful messages that are being used for health information dissemination on the media. The article suggests that in some instances “consumers are not able to make an informed decision if the information is limited or biased” (paragraph 3). In some recent health ads, only the benefits of the product is been listed and no risk factors and sometimes, the mechanism of action of certain drugs are not being explained to the consumers and it is left to them to find out this information. For example, the…

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