The Impact Of Media On Society 's Society Essay

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Media has evolved over the last century starting with newspapers and magazines, then the telegraph and radio, and now the internet and smart phones. Media has a large impact on society. It influences people in ways they do not even realize. Envying a celebrity’s clothing or wanting to recreate a hairstyle that is on television are both examples of minor influences in today’s society. These simple and innocent impacts do not negatively impact a society as a whole. Larger influences go more unnoticed by the common citizen. Media can affect what a person believes and what makes them unique. It influences everyday decisions, even little things such as what to wear based on the morning broadcast. Imagine the weatherman says it is going to be one hundred degrees on a given day. The watcher will dress accordingly without formulating a decision based on their own personal knowledge. It is easy to manipulate the public into believing what they are seeing in the media, and can be much more dangerous than wearing inappropriate attire. Giving the power to control these influences on society to just one group of people is giving them the power to manipulate people. In order to avoid these influences there should be free media, one without the influences and bias of government. Allowing the government to control the media can have lasting consequences. In the book Nineteen Eighty-Four the society described is solely controlled by the government, or what they call the Inner Party. Using…

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