The Impact Of Life During The Great Depression

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In the 1930’s , the great depression was a big problem. During this time period , the dust bowl occurred causing a hard time for the people who lived in the drought-stricken region during the great depression. Life during the great depression was horrible for migrant and their family.

The great depression took place from 1930 - 1941’s ( By 1930’s 1 million people looked for work but could’t find it ( In the great depression the decrease of the use of money and investment took part on it making factories and other business to slow down production and begin firing their workers( the dust bowl pass farm production decreased during the great depression do to the violent dust storms also part of the population
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One example is seen when “They came with great hope like westward moving pioneers of old, he wrote, but they were heading into disappointment”(The Dust Bowl Migration" Poverty Stories, Race Stories).This shows the trait hopeless because they expect to escape their current situation and what await them is a similar situation or worse. Another example is seen when a shortage of work awaited them and low wages for what was available(The Dust Bowl Migration" Poverty Stories, Race Stories). This shows the trait optimistic because they keep working in difficult condition to gain a small outcome that will help them. Another example is seen when housing would be a tent camp or a shack throw together of scraps(The Dust Bowl Migration" Poverty Stories, Race Stories).This shows the trait miserable because they live in a poor environment and they will feel they need something better than the poor condition they live in. A last example is seen when thanks federal programs and the World War II many of the migrants were pulled out of the field and wages were raised for those remaining.This shows the trait progressive because they work through many difficulties and in the end they will have a small change in their life. Therefore migrants workers lives were painful and unimaginable for a …show more content…
With each group of migrant workers there were their children that have a life ahead of them. These children could become the next generation of professional like teacher, fire fighter, doctor. Their parents travelled across the country in an effort to give them clothe and food but there children were taken away from their schools. When there was a chance to put their children in school before they move again their parent enlist them. But as their parent they faced discrimination they way the dress or worry if they carry disease. Even children had to work very hard farming for 12 hours a day with a small pay and no time to be kid to play. The separation of their family was another problem they faced because men went west in search of work, their wives and children were left behind. Therefore the lives of the children of the migrant workers were challenging for a small person too

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