Life During The Great Depression

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In the 1930’s , the great depression was a big problem. During this time period , the dust bowl occurred causing a hard time for the people who lived in the drought-stricken region during the great depression. Life during the great depression was horrible for migrant and their family.

The great depression took place from 1930 - 1941’s ( By 1930’s 1 million people looked for work but could’t find it ( In the great depression the decrease of the use of money and investment took part on it making factories and other business to slow down production and begin firing their workers( the dust bowl pass farm production decreased during the great depression do to the violent dust storms also part of the population were forced to move adding to the hardships of America. In the great depression groups of needy persons wait in line for free food to be distributed, but this line became longer by the number of starving people( The dust bowl also occurred at this time. The moving population went to safer places like agricultural areas and cities to work long hours for a small pay( “ Working on the local level, the government instructed farmers to plant trees and grass and many more helpful things for
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The great depression an event with the worst economic collapse in the history causing unemployment and difficulty to live a daily live. The dust bowl an event that made the situation even worst, dust storms making many people abandoned their land one way or the other and this moving population will face difficulties to survive.The moving population or family 's became migrants workers that lived in a miserable state and discrimination against them.In my opinio this time could be the down fall of humans but it suprice me that people move on and survive this time a inpiring and breath taking

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