The Impact Of Internet On The Internet Essay

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The Internet evolves constantly, every day. With this evolution, come different tools that correspond, some we can benefit from and some that can harm us in the long run. People can use the Internet for personal use or business/educational purposes. The Internet expands from games, to social media, to finances and education. For educational purposes, the Internet can improve students’ study habits, improve students’ writing skills, and can also help students get ideas of how to improve their everyday skills as students. A con about the Internet is that it can sometimes make it easy to plagiarize; a pro about the Internet is that it can also help with educational skills through websites that help with writing and studying.
Internet improves educational skills because there are websites that help with studying. There are many different websites and forms of entertainment on the Internet that aid with studying. You can study through the online textbook where you can highlight and make notes on important topics, you can play online educational games that help with the specific topic that you are learning in that chapter, and my personal favorite, you can go on YouTube and look at different ways and theories of learning about the chapter that you are studying.
Whereas it is easy to plagiarize, the Internet improves educational skills through websites that aid in writing. Plagiarism is the act the language and thoughts of another author without authorization or crediting the…

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