Essay on The Impact Of Immigration On The United States

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Imagine a world where everyone is a United States citizen, where there are no deportations occurring, well that would happen if the U.S. government threw all the undocumented back to Mexico. Immigration into the United States started throughout the 20th century because of varying economic conditions. But the changes made by the Immigration Reform and Control Act of 1986 drastically increased the number of immigrants allowed into the United States. This in turn has had a negative impact on the quality of life of many Americans today due to the mass increase in population. Worse, the United States has mass illegal immigration because successive Congresses and Presidents have decided they want it. In one action after another over the last decade, they have declined to approve measures known to be effective to slow the flow of illegal immigrants, they have decided to end various kinds of enforcement that had been effective, and they have approved a series of rewards to those who violate immigration laws.
The Great Wave of Immigration began in 1880 but exploded into peak numbers during the first decade of the century. The massive numbers of immigrants reached a cumulative total that began to substantially change the character of the entire country from one primarily of towns and farms into one of densely packed urban centers. This decade saw more growth than any previous decade in U.S. history. The rapid population growth destroyed huge sections of the country 's once bountiful…

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