The American Dream In The 1960's Immigrants

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In the 1960’s, while fighting and protesting, immigrants lost respect, and hope. The American Dream meant so much to them, but America didn’t want to seem to give them the chance to live it.In the 1960’s Immigrants were coming from many places around the world. In the 1960’s Immigrants were unwanted for many reasons. The American people didn’t want them to take their jobs or have a part in America not even a vote. They come from different places, whether it’s from North,East, West or South. America offers many benefits to people who can’t get those benefits from where they were originally from, jobs, a better education and a better healthy life. The most popular immigrants that come to America is Mexicans, Indians and others. Majority of the …show more content…
Immigrants were replacing other people who lived in the city by taking their jobs. The situation of not making a lot of money didn’t bother them because all that mattered to them was the fact that they were planting a seed to grow their lives of living the American Dream. But, the immigrants having jobs started to create tension between the citizens and the non citizens. The immigrants were being satisfied with jobs, while the citizens were losing their jobs. In order to live the dream they wanted America, which is the “American Dream” they had to take whatever was offered to them because they wanted to start the dream right away, knowing they weren’t going to be make a lot. Women immigrants were making less than the men. They were only earning less than ten dollars a week. Now in the twentieth century you would be classified as “poor”.The low wage jobs they were being provided with were working as a farm house guest who work from morning till it 's time to go home or working in New York in a factory. In New York immigrants were responsible for things even though they weren’t from America. They were responsible for digging the first interborough subway tunnels, laying cables for Broadway street lights, the bridges on the East River and constructing the Flatiron Building. They were responsible for so much, but weren’t getting paid for so much work they did. But, the wage they were making didn’t stop them because …show more content…
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