The Impact Of Drug Trafficking On The Development Of Brazil Essay examples

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Several countries across the world are working extensively towards reaching the goal of maintaining equitable and sustainable development. When deciding on a countries development plan, there will always be several factors entered into its successes and failures. Due to each countries various issues, the quickest way to reach a goal of development may differ accordingly. Finding the source of the problems is the key purpose in any countries developing stage. For this reason, it is very crucial that the major hurdles for each country are clearly identified and addressed, when this project model points at the nation of Brazil. The source is clear: it is the impact and role of drug trafficking. Drug trafficking has been a major hurdle for the development of Brazil. Another different assessment of the narcotics trade could be that it simply is the result of a lack of good welfare and education systems, leaving the poor and destitute with few choices and therefore is not directly an obstacle for Brazil’s development. Usually drug use, trafficking and organized crime is viewed as the result of underdevelopment, of poverty; not the cause of it. But in the case of Brazil, the extent of the problem and how deeply rooted it appeared, made it seem possible that currently it may, in fact, be a significant barrier keeping Brazil’s growth and prosperity at bay. A vital observation of the drug issue that seemed hard to ignore is how heavily it embodies the socio-economic disparities.…

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