Summary: Drug Trafficking In Mexico

There are numerous places in Mexico that cartels are blooming and taking over. Each region has one that is more in power than the rest. The one that makes it to the top of the top is the mostly known to the public. For example, “the Juarez Cartel… has historically controlled the middle area of the Mexican- United States border” and the “Sinaloa Cartel…is based in the Sinaloa state near the city of Culiacan.” Furthermore, the state of Tamaulipas is invaded by the Gulf cartel. Los Zetas have helped the Gulf cartel keep its power since the capture of the leader of the Gulf cartel. (Carpenter, 2010, 405). These are just a few places where cartels have invaded. There are even more that are up the sleeve and in the shadows.
Drug cartels are affecting
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Drug trafficking is the most prominent resource just because it is how the cartels make their money. Take for example the oxycodone drug, it is illegal therefore “restrictions gave rise to a thriving black market in the drug, with prices reaching as high as $150 per pill” (Morris, E. 2013). Evidently they make millions from trafficking drugs, but they make more by the amounts of money they get from kidnaps and the payments they receive from business owners. That’s the real problem with the trafficking. Cartels feel the desire to show off that they are the most powerful therefore the most feared, causing all these other …show more content…
However, little by little they began taking over much more. Before we knew it they were in control of the government, terrorizing towns, mass murdering and much more. The goal of our group is to get rid of drug cartelism. Just by analyzing the problem we came to the conclusion that drug cartels are obviously using drugs as an excuse to the murders, panics, kidnappings, corruptions, etc. Therefore we came up with this question of fact: What drugs are being sold? Throughout Mexican history, drugs have been a great concern. Mainly drugs like marijuana, cocaine, heroin, methamphetamines and Ecstasy are the main cause of all the drug violence. Mexican drug lords establish substantial amounts of marijuana and crystal meth with little of Heroin throughout Mexico (Hamilton, 2014). These drugs have been around since the early 19th century and have been slowing destroying Mexico from the inside. Because of Colombia traders, cocaine was introduced to Mexico, and is the main drug being traded between both countries. Cocaine used to cost $2,198 a kilogram, but as of all the drug violence going on throughout the years, it went up towards to $12,500 a kilogram. Since 2009, researchers have found out that Mexican Cartels control at least 90% of the routes where cocaine is being traded (Hamilton, 2014). Marijuana is as well a key drug that started all the violence. Throughout the years, marijuana has actually depleted in trades with

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