The Impact Of Digital Journalism And The Digital Revolution

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Journalism and Digital Revolution
The activity where one gathers, assesses, creates and presents news is referred to as journalism. Therefore, a journalist becomes the person who is charged with the responsibility to present that information as news to the audiences. There are different audiences involved including those of newspaper, television, radio, magazines or the internet (David 1). Journalism has been made changed greatly by the digital revolution. With the current advancement in technology and innovation, the world has been turned to a global village where an even occurs from one corner and it is streamed live or reported at real time to all corners of the world. This paper is, therefore, aimed at discussion some ways the digital revolution
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We, therefore, have a reason to support the fact the digital democratization is a good thing for Americans. One would become so free to stream their news through all the digital media without any discrimination or biases. This would be a good step to in reporting happenings to make people aware of the things happening in real time. Digital democratization also gives people the power to access the news that is posted online and give their reactions, challenge it and even the news as it happens. However, digital democratization also has its bad sides (Jan 23). For instance, with this democratization, one claims the rights to post anything, anyhow to the digital media without any screening to ensure that whatever they are posting has some proof or level of truth in it. People are even free to talk ill about others through the digital media as they claim such rights and freedom. Digital democratization should, therefore, be allowed, but be monitored and controlled within certain …show more content…
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