The Impact Of Computers In Education

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One of the biggest innovations in technology overtime has been the computer, which is still advancing today. Long ago, computers were the size of rooms, they took up space from the floor to the ceiling, which were large an unrealistic amounts of space for user compatibility. They transitioned to smaller “box” looking machines complete with screens for display, which is what we now look at as the “dinosaur” computers compared to today’s technology. Now, computers are available in desktop and laptop versions, even cellphones today are mini computers. Each are sold in a much slimmer, smaller, user-friendly size. Now let’s talk about how they have moved society forward. Through the advancement of computer technology, came the internet, Microsoft Office, and other computer and web based tools that society uses every day. Computers are …show more content…
Every college student has a laptop for homework, student account use, communications within a certain class, and other learning motives. Additionally, this technology is useful for professors and teachers to provide examples, create PowerPoints of information, or present informational videos to students. Overall it has created a better learning opportunity for teacher and student so it doesn’t seem like a teacher is lecturing all the time. To add to that, computers have also been the key component for people enrolled in online college. Having the opportunity to gain further education after high school might be a more affordable or comfortable fit for someone instead of a traditional college. Luckily we have the technology to provide that opportunity for people who would work better with an online school, which is something a lot of people didn’t get the chance to have a while ago. Having online school as an option to further a person’s education after high school is a very important factor to realize in society as society builds new generations to eventually take

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