The Impact Of Body Language Essay

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The Impact of Body Language Leaders throughout history and daily life stand out from the crowd. Oftentimes their power and ability to sway others is falsely attributed to the words they speak or the connections they have, but an overlooked quality that natural leaders possess is confident body language that draws others in before any words are spoken. Although as an observer, one might conclude the words spoken or the clothes worn are most pertinent to the perspective one displays to others, the impact of body language in numerous situations, including but not limited to politics and the workplace, far surpasses appearance or speech in overall importance in terms of the respect it can earn or displace. The manner in which election candidates conduct themselves during public speeches and debates has substantial influence on one 's views and opinions of a candidate. A recent and prevalent example of this is the scandalous businessman and former host of the popular show, The Apprentice, Donald Trump, one of the most controversial candidates to ever be considered as a possible president. The distinct mannerisms and style of Donald Trump according to body language expert Jared Keller, were “definitive and precise; he would chop and point with his hands, motions that tend to convey certainty” (Keller, Scoring). Keller claims that Trump’s raw attitude and confidence show that he is the only candidate truly excited to be present at the debates. Also controversial to experts is the…

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