Essay The Immigration Of The United States

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During the turn of the nineteenth-century until the early beginning of the twentieth-century, there was period of anti-immigration stance in which the citizens of the United States of America perpetuated it and affected the governmental factors that plagued a lot of the urban cities. These urban cities were flushed into a period of isolationism, but also an influx of “different” immigrants in which they blamed all their problems on the new immigrants. The practice on the city level was broad in the essence of pushing these newly integrated immigrants into different sectors of the neighborhood (which led to things like; little Italy or Chinatowns), and would discriminate against them in terms of restricting their job opportunities. In the state level they would use the newly created, organized police force to control them on the streets and would persuade the federal government into a place where the settlers couldn’t get to America in the first place. The citizens of the United States influenced how the police force were to follow the laws and were directly influenced by both federal/state laws in which would negatively affect the immigrants. The political policies during the late 1800s until the late 1920s, were all affected by the belief that “the dangerous class” needed to be controlled by the newly, unified police department and to be controlled by the federal level by limiting the immigration influx. One book that describes this newly created police force in book named…

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