Essay on The Immigration Act Of 1907

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The history behind immigration and how unaccompanied children put growth on this world and how they give up everything in their life to make America great. “The Immigration Act of 1907 did indeed declare that unaccompanied children under 16 were not permitted to enter in the normal fashion. But it didn’t send them packing, either. Instead, the act set up a system in which unaccompanied children-many of whom were orphans-were kept in detention awaiting a special inquiry with immigration inspectors to determine their fate…. Other local missionaries, synagogues, immigrant aid societies, and private citizens would often step up and take care of them.”(Raja) Due to the act of 1907 children under 16 were not allowed to enter this country without parents or guardians being with them. They were viewed as children’s not a human being who lived in earth but the act of 1907 was only worried that if children enter this country alone it will cause social problems and deporting them will be hard thing to do because we will be wasting billions dollars on 11.1 billion who are undocumented I don 't think that will be unnecessary to do and that was what the act of 1907 was worried about lending children’s enter country enter this country. Clearly the Immigration Act of 1907 was not for everyone due to the unaccompanied children who were under 16 entering this country illegal without parents or guardians to guide them safe in this country and be able to live in safe zone. Child Migrants Have…

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