The Iliad By Homer, The Greatest Of The Achean Kings Essay

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In Book 9 of the Iliad by Homer, the reader witnesses an interesting event. Prior to this book, Agamemnon, the greatest of the Achean Kings, has hurt Achilles’ pride by taking Achilles prize, a woman. Because of this assault on his honor, Achilles has sworn that he will not fight for the Greeks, which has left the Greeks without their most potent weapon. Agamemnon eventually realizes that he was wrong and sends an embassy to Achilles consisting of: Odysseus, the great tactician, Pheonix, an old mentor of Achilles, and Ajax, the most respected of Achilles’ comrades in arms. The reader can learn about each of the ambassadors based on what the ambassadors say to Achilles and how they say it, but we can also learn about Achilles by his response. The reader will see that the main entreaty of each of the ambassador’s appeals is either an appeal to emotion or loyalty, Achilles responds with emotion, and the reader will see that Achilles values his own pride and honor over everything. Odysseus’ appeal was the most organized speech from any of the ambassadors. He has an introduction where he flatters Achilles, trying to get his audience to look favorably on his case. He also gives a call to action where he appeals to Achilles’ loyalty to the Acheans. Odysseus continues, listing the gifts Agamemnon has promised verbatim. He concludes by calling on Achilles to have mercy on the Argives and calls on Achilles to win honor for himself. However, despite all of the organization…

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