The Iliad By Homer And By The Aeneids By Virgil Essay

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Written in two different times, The Iliad by Homer and by The Aeneids by Virgil focuses on two war heroes and the paths they must take. Homer makes Achilles a Greek who is fated to destroy the city of the Trojans. Virgil, who was inspired Homer, came to create a Trojan named Aeneas and his quest to eventually settle on the foundations of rome. The Greek influence on Homer’s story, and certain themes like the gods and mythos, carried mixed in and carried over with Roman influence. What is apparent in both these stories is how fate was always held to the protagonist to the story. How the theme of fate is portrayed for these characters is different in the sense that Achilles has more autonomy between choosing his fate while Aeneas destiny is may be carved in stone. From the beginning of the Iliad, we learn Achilles is destined to die or to defeat the Trojans. On the other hand, Aeneas is destined to set establish a kinship lineage that would destroy Carthrage, the god’s favorite city. In both these stories, the gods play a significant role in shaping the overall destiny of the protagonist mainly because of their demi god lineage and allowing them both to succeed in otherwise, dangerous situations. What makes these stories interesting is how they portray their different visions of the mechanics of fate and freewill.
When we are first introduced to Achilles, we are shown a moment in time where he and Agamemnon argue over him taking Breisis for ransom in return for the priest…

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