The Ideology Of Manifest Destiny

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During the early half of the 1800’s, the United States desired and pushed for the nation’s expansion of its territories throughout North America. The ideology of Manifest Destiny was what drove the colonist to pursue the expansion of the country. Manifest Destiny was a radical form of imperialism; proven by the way Americans expanded westward, gaining control of lands as it advanced , and brutally forcing the removal of many pervious inhabitant’s. Leading to bloody battles and victory for the United States, but still in no way were the Colonist’s actions justifiable.
As the United States advanced, it expanded westward believing that America was designed by God to expand its boundaries over a large region. Americans used this ideology as an
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By negotiating a price for the land or by agreeing upon an appropriate treaty for the desired land. The Louisiana Purchase was a peaceful treaty between America and France, but the negotiations between America and Mexico suffered. Most territorial disputes between American’s and native inhabitants resulted in abrupt wars, such as the Seminole Wars in Florida and the Mexican- American war. In the 1820’s Texas was so under populated that the Mexican government started to encourage American settlement, by luring them with cheap land and tax exemption for 4 years. Many White southerners with their slaves moved immediately hoping to establish their cotton plantation, by 1830 Texas had twice as many American residents than Mexican. The new American settlers now living in Mexico were expected to follow the Mexican culture by becoming catholic and respecting the outlaw of slavery. Since these rules were not followed by the settlers, tensions grew. In 1846 president James K. Polk sent troops to the Mexican border and declared war after hearing that Mexico had denied the offer to buy off the wanted territories. This aggressive move by America showed that many American’s saw the same goal, that was Manifest Destiny, but they were blinded by power and would stop at nothing resulting in the removal of the previous inhabitants of the …show more content…
The Native American’s were starting to deal with major pressure from the Americans, by the end of the War of 1812, they only had to options which were to migrate with American society or to leave their lands. Native Americans lost the most from American expansion they were repeatedly forced to migrate west in order to make room for arriving white settlers. In 1838, the biggest Native American removal occurred, thousands of natives walked hundreds of miles with their families west hoping to reach Oklahoma. This migration is most commonly referred to as the trail of tears. At first this did not greatly affect the Indians, it did not displace them but as the growing population of white settlers grew in the west they were forced to keep giving up their lands. Soon they would have nowhere to go, with no land and rarely a hope for a better future. The Ideology of Manifest Destiny was the cause for Americans to view Native Americans as savages, only because they were in the way of the land they wanted to acquire.
The ideology of Manifest Destiny inspired the dream of the United States becoming a major power in North America and someday the world. Americans envisioned a untouchable empire expanding their boundaries across North America. The ideology of Manifest Destiny blinded the American’s and caused them to become cruel so it was nowhere near

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