The Ideas Of American Government In The 18th Century

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Throughout the late 18th century, America was becoming t its own independent nation. The new independent nation needed to set up a government to rule them. There were several discussions on how America would be governed. Many people had different yet some similar ideas for America. Thomas Paine, George Washington, Alexander Hamilton, James Madison, and Thomas Jefferson all wrote their ideas on how America should set up their government. Some of these ideas were still used today but not used then. Thomas Paine stated his ideas for the government in his book, Common Sense, which was written in 1776. Paine stated that America should not have a king. The first king might be great but then ruling by divine right usually ends up with the people having terrible kings, because the sons of the previous king feel that they are …show more content…
He thinks that the government needs a national bank in which funds to flow through. He also thinks that the government needs to allow debt and give out loans for the people to buy land for themselves and then pay the government back as they work the land and earn money. He thinks the key to the governmental success is to keep money flowing through it. I think he is right to an extent. Money does make the world go around. On the other hand, if the nation has no money but and continues to spend money this is going to create problems for everyone not just the government. I think the government just needs to be cautious on what they spend their money on. In Thomas Jefferson Vision of the new republic, Jefferson stated that America needs to become friends with Britain and give them very little advantage over us. Today we are allies with Britain and it is for the better of America. It makes sense why America was so cautious around Brittan but America needed them for trade to stimulate the economy in America. Which is why Jefferson wanted us to be

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