Lookism In Today's Society

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Lookism Lookism, plays a major role in todays society; therefore, society can not recognize those who are good, without first judging someone on how they present themselves. The idea of lookism is defined best by Andrew Davis a Welsh writer of screenplays and novels like House of Cards, describes “lookism’, a form of discrimination on the grounds of appearance”. (Davis) Lookism has existed from the beginning of time, from men and women being judged whether it be in sports, jobs, schools, dating, and everything in between. People are looked at differently because of the way they present there appearance from the clothes they wear, the way their physique is shaped, and if they are close to societies standards in looking like a average person. …show more content…
People are quick to jump to conclusions, when it comes to people being good looking, One of the largest problems people face with insecurities in todays world is how worrying how others look at them, when people get a disgusted look from others, it can hurt their self esteem and then they jump to conclusions about themselves and their self confidence goes down the drain, if everyone would except who they are and realize they we do not change in are looks, but we can change the way we carry ourselves and actions towards others to make this world a better place, and make this world a easier place to live by getting away from judging others from their looks. A study by Professor Leonard Weller, Bar-Ilan University, Department of Sociology & Anthropology proved “Most studies on beauty have demonstrated advantages accruing to the beautiful person. This research examines the effects of social perceptions of differential perception of beauty; specifically, does one 's philosophy of human nature affect perceptions of beauty? Sixty-two men and women rated ten passport pictures on a five point scale from very ugly to very beautiful.” (Weller) This study goes on to show that looks do not determine success in this world. The world today needs to get rid of lookism and stop judging people if they are ugly or beautiful, to see if someone is a hard working, honest male or female, they should put them to the test and then be allowed to judge them off of how they perform through those actions and the world would end up struggling a lot less and their would be less

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