The New Jim Crow Analysis

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In The New Jim Crow, Alexander questions the hypocritical viewpoint of our nation by stating, "In a country that preaches the virtues of democracy, one could reasonably assume that being stripped of basic political rights would be treated by judges and court personnel as a serious matter indeed" (102). Even though Alexander had referred to the rights of the black community after slavery, her statement still holds strong today. America is supposed to live as a free country and fight for its citizens, what good is a democracy if it only fights for certain lives when it pertains to a person 's rights? Even though Buck did commit a serious crime that would rightfully strip him of certain rights as a citizen, he should never be stripped away the …show more content…
There are countless times a person has been shot, arrested, questioned, or imprisoned by a person with authority simply because of the way they look and their looks may not be tolerated by this authority figure. A suspicious looking figure to one person may be just an innocent bystander to another. No one should be judged by their looks and no person should express a certain authority or action simply because they are wrongfully judgmental.
In The New Jim Crow, Alexander writes about how crime today is at its lowest, it is only the media that blows up about violent crimes to make it seem that crimes are constant even though it is only incarceration rates that are rising. Alexander writes, "Murder convictions tend to receive a tremendous amount of media attention, which feeds the public 's sense that violent crime is rampant and forever on the rise. But like violent crime in general, the murder rate cannot explain the growth of the penal apparatus" (76). The people of America do not like to think of its problems and deal with the problems that need to be dealt with. People like to believe that racism does not exist anymore and everyone is equal in this free country
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America has yet to change for the better of the people, "America 's shifting perspective of what has changed since then is "an awareness in our country that has never existed before about the very real impact of racial bias in the criminal justice system," says Sara Totonchi, executive director of the Southern Center for Human Rights. "While race was certainly an issue 40 years ago, it was nowhere near as nuanced or as illuminated as what we have today" (Gass). Duane Buck 's case brings further awareness to the racial discrimination that our country still has yet to dissipate. People cannot get over the past and move on to a better loving future, instead, they teach hatred towards each other instead of accepting one 's differences. Donald Trump being the elected President of the United States is a fine example of what is wrong with this country and its system. Someone who is bigoted against people should not be a leader of anyone and definitely should not lead a country. Because of Trump 's presidential election, racism in this country has never become so blatant today than it has in the past decade. Because Duane Buck is African American he was claimed as dangerous by the court but the majority of the citizens of America who voted for Donald Trump were

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