The Icon Medical Center Accident Clinic Essay

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Icon Medical Centers Accident Clinic offers services to individuals who reside in and around the city of Miami, including residents of the Brickell neighborhood. At our accident clinic, we provide treatment for a variety of conditions and injuries.

Injuries Sustained in Vehicle Accidents

Many of our patients have sustained injuries due to automobile or motorcycle accidents; therefore, we know how to work with various car insurance companies and attorneys. Moreover, we treat patients who become injured at work, or as they participate in physical activities (including sports).

Conditions We Treat at Our Accident Clinic Located Near the Brickell Neighborhood

Back pain (upper and lower) Nerve pain that runs down the buttock and into the leg (sciatica) Cervical pain/Whiplash (neck pain) Herniated/Bulging discs Shoulder and knee injuries Physical therapy treatments following surgical procedures Strains Sprains

Comprehensive Care at Icon Medical Centers Accident Clinic, Near Brickell

We offer individuals in the area of Brickell an all-inclusive accident clinic that is designed to meet the majority of a patient 's needs; thus, eliminating the hassle of traveling throughout South Florida seeking assistance from numerous medical facilities. At our accident clinic near Brickell, patients may receive Physiotherapy, Chiropractic Treatments, in addition to Neurosurgical and Orthopedic consultations.

The Medical Professionals at Icon Medical Centers…

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