The Iceman Eulogy

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On a snowy mountain top, two hikers found a body sticking out of a glacier, the Iceman. Some archaeologists say he died in battle and some say from hypothermia, but no one knows the real cause of his death. The Iceman was a mummy, whose body remained preserved for 5,000 years in a glacier in the Alps. When he was found, his items from the Stone Age were laid around him. They found unfinished arrows, backpack, a copper axe, hay stuffed shoes, a dagger, and a phannie pack like pouch on his waist. The Iceman was assassinated because he was wearing mountain shoes, his arrows and bow were not prepared, and he had an arrowhead made from stone in his left shoulder. When the Iceman was found, he was wearing hay stuffed shoes. The shoes had a similar

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