The Huntsman Syntagmatic Analysis

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The brothers Grimm did not come up with the fairy tale but they did in did write their own version of the story and put it in a book. The Snow White story came way before the brothers and was told by housewives busy with chores to help pass time (Myint B 2014). The movie Winters War is a sequel from the movie 2014/2015 Snow White and the Huntsman. This essay will consist of a series of explanations of the syntagmatic analysis on the movie The Huntsman: Winter’s War.

2. Semiotic Analysis on Winter’s War

In this movie there is more than one of propps functions, which I’ve identified.
Villainy is the first propp function, which is evident in this trailer out of the list of 33 functions that propp had drawn up to help break down the storyline of any movie/film according to Daniel Chandler in his article on Semiotics for Beginners (2014). As the trailer of The Huntsman: Winters War starts we are introduced to the two sisters. After a few things get played out we can see that the propp function of Villainy is clear as Revanna (Evil Queen) kills Freya (Good Queen) baby
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A difficult task is another description from the propps function table in the Semiotics for Beginners article, which was written by Daniel Chandler (2014).In the trailer we can see this task-taking place with the two best huntsmen. The main task in which the huntsmen had to follow through with was to find the golden mirror for Queen Freya. It’s was difficult as they had to fight through an army of mythical creatures which we also got a glyphs of in the trailer. These creatures are half bull and half baboon. They live deep in a forest. They steal precious goods such as diamonds, ruby’s and even the golden mirror, which Queen Freya wanted. The creatures had blood of tar and were defeated by the one huntsman by shooting a fiery arrow at the group of them, which then lead them to burn and

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