War In Helen Frost's Crossing Stones

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In the book Crossing Stones by Helen Frost the author depicts very strong opinions of war, and how it is portrayed in American Society. The author sees war as a waste of time, lives, and money. She depicts this by having most the characters learn from Muriel’s negative views about the war. Muriel’s views show the harsh reality of war instead of pretending that it is a glamorous event where young men are constantly honored and praised for their sacrifice. The author feels that glamorizing the war is wrong because it gives young boys an unrealistic view on what war is like in reality. As a result, many young boys that go to war learn quickly that they are not mentally and physically prepared to actually fight in war. The author shows this in both Ollie and Frank’s notes to Muriel during the war. This is also depicted …show more content…
During World War One, women are beginning to take on the roles that are usually reserved for men because of how many men are enlisting in the war. This is shown when Emma and Muriel are burdened with many chores that are previously done by Ollie and Frank. Muriel’s Aunt Vera is a very strong suffragette and believes women should be empowered enough so that they are equal to men. The ultimate goal for empowering women in this time in history is granting women the right to vote. Since I believe in the same principals I would be a suffragette. Throughout the book I agree with many of Aunt Vera’s views. Although I agree with them, I realistically wouldn’t go as far as going to jail or starving myself for the cause; but I would certainly help in any way that wouldn’t put my family or myself in danger. Even though we have come a long way from the time period in which Crossing Stones was set in women are still not equal to men. I believe women today should continue to fight for equal pay, and capturing those who commit crimes of physical and sexual

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