The Hunger Games In Catching Fire By Suzanne Collins

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Catching Fire by Suzanne Collins is the second novel of a trilogy of fiction. To fully comprehend the second novel of the trilogy it would be suggested to read the fist one, The Hunger Games. Additionally, all three of the novels is based in a place called Panem and it is really action packed. Through out the novel there is major messages that show a greater meaning.
The setting of the book is there are 12 different districts and each of them serve a purpose for example district 12 is for coal mining. The conditions of living go from better to worse from district 1 down to district 12 but all of the districts provide goods/products for the Capital. The Capital is the government and controls every aspect of the districts and each year they a have contest called the hunger games to showcase their power. The
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For the first part of the book they have to try and show the capital it was because they were in love and not in defiance of the capital. This is hard for Katniss because she does not love Peta because she loves someone else that she loves. On the tour around all the districts after winning the games, Katniss and Peta caught glimpse of some what an up rising against the capital in one of the districts. Additionally, through out the novel the reader gets an idea of people hinting to a rebellion against the capital. During the novel it is the 75th hunger games which is called a special one called a quarter quell. For this quart quell most of the victors have with both Katniss and Peta have to compete again. This time around Haymitch who is their mentor told them try to get with allies because they would need them this time around. Additionally, before the games there is interview with every contestant played live everywhere and Katniss and Peta are last because district 12 is the last

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