The Hunger Games By Suzanne Collins Essay

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The Hunger Game is one of the most popular young adult novel series rivaling Harry Potter and Twilight. As the first of its film adaptations was just released in March 2012, readers and audiences have been pleasantly surprised at this fresh, dynamic, young female protagonist. The Hunger Games are an "entertainment" tool for the Capitol (the fictional country of Panem 's government), and a device used as a punishment to the work-force population mainly inhabiting the 12 Districts of Panem, reminding all of the people of the grand rebellion that all Districts some time ago led against the Capitol, and lost the fight, resulting in the loss of District 13. The Hunger Games film captures much of the main story – but there are still numerous differences and few similarities between the book and the movie.
The producer of The Hunger Games movie carefully depicted Cinna as he was described by Suzanne Collins in the book. In the book, Katniss contemplated, about how normal Cinna looked and even with the hint of gold eyeliner (Katniss, 63). The producer of the movie did an outstanding job portraying Cinna. In the movie, the stylists and the civilians of the Capitol dress absurd. They had colored hair, crazy hair styles, strange wardrobes, unnatural skin colors, and a more than necessary amount of makeup on. Meanwhile in the movie, Cinna dressed casually, meaning no crazy wardrobes or crazy hair, simply just a layer of metallic gold eyeliner. He was portrayed exactly like this in both…

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