The Humanistic Perspective Of Personality Essay

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Dan is an individual suffering from low self esteem and anxiety. While, this personal baggage has been with him for most of his life, it has recently heightened with the loss of his job. Dan’s main anxieties lie with the uncertainty of the wellbeing of his family now that his income is gone. His consistent self blaming has led to a neglection of his own basic needs such as eating and sleeping. As a social worker in a professional role, I will approach Dan’s situation using the ‘Humanistic perspective of personality’ and also the topic of ‘Stress and Coping.’ An appropriate response shall be made using key ideas from each of the psychological topics.

The personality is a unique set of traits, as the deposition to behave in a certain way. Exhibited in this situation is Dan’s high order trait of Neuroticism meaning he is generally anxious, insecure and self-pitying. The Humanistic Perspective is unlike other personality trait theories. While Behavioural and Psychological perspectives interrogate collectively, the Humanistic approach views individual personalities as unique and self-driven. The theory has a basis of three main ideas. Firstly, individuals have their own drive towards self growth, secondly they have free will over their decisions and actions. Finally, Humanistic perspectives believe that human’s actions are made through only conscious needs (Weiten, Hammer, Dunn, 2011). Abraham Maslow demonstrated how individuals have this drive towards fulfillment through his…

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