The Human Understanding Of Life Essay

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The human understanding of life is one of the biggest mysteries known to mankind. However, the way one chooses to perceive life can influence their actions greatly. Buddhism and existentialism are philosophical teachings that soon became a way of living, for some people, due to the obscure nature of their ways.
Buddhism came to light at about 500 BCE. Starting off in India, Buddhism slowly spread to Southeast Asia. Buddhism came into existence in the attempt to find an answer to the universal problem of sorrow. After Buddha witnessed suffering by seeing a sick man, an elderly man and a dead body, he was moved to do something. This was the first stepping stone to the start of Buddhism. Old age, sickness, and death are inevitable factors in life therefore, one man sought to abolish all factors of sorrow through a path to enlightenment. Existentialism was brought into existence by the growing ideal of atheism in the nineteenth century. People began to question their lives and wondered if life even had a purpose. Existentialism became the fallback for their beliefs so that they could define their true purpose in life.
The goals of Buddhism and existentialism are quite different. Buddhism 's main goal is to eliminate sorrow and achieve complete nirvana, which is the ending of suffering. Life itself is suffering, but one can obtain peace without suffering and pain by nirvana or enlightenment. In order to end sorrow, Buddha came up with teachings known as the Four Noble Truths.…

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