The Human Race, By David Attenborough And Ken Ham Essay

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The human race, which is arrogant even in their own self-classifications, has dubbed themselves the most advanced species on earth. This claim may be correct, however, it evokes the existential question of how advanced we truly are, and of even more importance, can we continue to advance? It was posed by respected scholars, such as David Attenborough and Ken Ham, that humans have now reached a point at which they can no longer evolve. How can a race be unequivocally superior while simultaneously stopping their own advancement? Or has it stopped at all? Have humans become so vastly complex that they, due to their own technological advancement, have outgrown the very process that got them to their current status? I believe that humans, despite the signs not being glaringly evident, are still evolving, and perhaps, at an increased rate.
In the search for an answer to whether we are still evolving it is necessary to first provide a foundation with which to stand. Evolution is a process by which changes occur in a species, one that shares a specific habitat, over time. By definition, evolutionary changes only occur on the genetic level, however, particularly with modern-day humans, it is also important to understand neo-evolution, which pertains more to the evolution of societies and development of widely separated cultures. We will first focus on genetic, or conventional, evolution.
Genetic adaptations are generally the result of gene mutations or combinations through…

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