The Human Of Human Brain Essay

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The human brain is such an impressive machine that scientists have been using it as a model for machinery for years and despite the fact that technology has come a long way scientists are still unable to replicate the human brain in its entirety.
The brain is the command centre of the human body and runs all the processes within the body. As if that was not enough the brain runs complex mental functions as well. It is the home of the human mind. One of the key human functions that are run by the brain is the memory process. The human memory was one thought to work as simply as a filing system. Taking memories and storing them in a particular compartment of the brain. However scientists soon found out that the memory process is much more complex and involves several parts of the brain. A memory is not just a thought but rather it could mean the memory of doing something. In such a case the brain has to remember a number of things from how to perform the action properly to the consequences of not doing it correctly and what needs to be done should the worst case scenario be the case. For this reason several parts of the brain contribute to what would seem to be one memory.
There are basically three types of memory:
• Sensory memory is the ability of the body to retain information about stimuli received by the sensory organs after the stimuli has passed. The body might then chose to forget the memory or store it
• Short term memory is the memory that is readily available to a…

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