Essay about The Human Needs Of Security And Livelihood

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Reflection Paper

Throughout history, humans have tended to live in groups and these groups respond to the human needs of security and livelihood. Human groups organize different shapes of representation based on the needs, the highest shape of representation is the state. Then the state created different shapes for different groups within the state (e.g. military, government etc.) and different levels or power within the state. The following step was the creation of specialized groups based on the needs of people, like food and agriculture, industry, managing interior issues, managing foreign issues, and so on and so forth.

The previous scenario has evolved through successive time periods, until we reach the current structure of relationships within the state. This current structure includes different types of human groups represented as organizations; each organization has its own vision, objectives, and mission that help to achieve what the organization is looking for.

Each organization within the orbit of the state is related to one of the three common types of organizations; governmental (public) organizations, private organizations, or non-governmental (non-profit) organizations. All organizations within the state are gathering on one goal, which is to "create and maintain the condition of wellbeing". The goal is the same, but the mechanisms are different. It 's obvious that over time community 's perceptions about organizations have changed but the only thing that…

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