The Human Experience Starts At Birth And Ends With Death Essay

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The human experience starts at birth and ends with death. One of the greatest debates throughout the era of modern psychology is nature vs. nurture. Understanding what makes a person the way they are can be controversial. Some argue that a person’s genetic makeup strictly dictates who that person will become, while others believe the way they are raised, no matter their genetics, makes them who they are. Both the environment a child is raised in and their genetic makeup will dictate the individual’s intelligence. The idea of the great effect of environment upon intelligence is as popular as the genetic determination stance. While the fact that genes do directly correspond with intelligence, through hard work and dedication, increasing brainpower is possible. A common human endeavor is the pursuit of intelligence. Believing that intelligence is strictly due to genetic makeup would mean no amount of studying could increase someone’s intelligence. Even though our physical brain structure is based upon genetic make up, intelligence is also significantly influenced by environment and work ethic. Learning abilities and disabilities are factors that cannot be changed. The learning environment can be manipulated and altered, in contrast to the unchangeable physical brain structure. The condition of a brain disorder is unalterable. Despite any effort, a person with a disability will not be able to erase it only develop alternative mechanisms to cope with it. Incapacities such as…

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