The Humanistic-Existential Schizophrenia Case Study

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On a nature vs. nurture continuum, nature should be followed by humanistic, social cognitive, behavioral, psychoanalytic, and finally nurture. Humanistic is defined as someone that has strong interest or concerns aimed at human morals and self-respect (Humanistic, 2002). Maslow believed we are detached from other animals because of our volume for self-actualization (Rathus, Humanistic Theory, 2014). Maslow and Rogers say “humanists and existentialists survive on the meaning of life” (Rathus, The Humanistic-Existential Perspective, 2014). While self-awareness possibly is the center of considerations but where people have entitlements to the capability of free selection, self-fulfillment, and ethical behavior (Rathus, The Humanistic-Existential …show more content…
Truthfully described as psychosis an illness with severe mental conflicts (Jeffrey Borenstein, 2016). Schizophrenia troubles 1 percent in earth’s population worldwide (Rathus, Schizophrenia, 2014). By schizophrenia being a severe psychological disorder, the person that has the illness must be in complete care of either a family member or be put in a n insane asylum. Serial killers such as: Jeffery Dahmer and David Berkowitz are well known psychopaths. Some would consider psychopaths to be schizophrenic because of their emotionless face an unpredictability. This illness, people can switch personalities then start acting as or like that person. They must be so heavily medicated that they are basically zombies. Schizophrenia is so broad that there are many different types of the illness and people hardly like to talk about this disorder because it’s not normal in our society. Schizophrenic people are basically societally out casted and it’s so severe who would want to talk about schizophrenia. Schizophrenia fits in the behavioral and psychoanalytic part on the nature vs. nurture continuum. Since behavioral deals with a person’s behavior. schizophrenia fits in this category because scientist know for sure that the behavior is what’s affected by this mental illness. Schizophrenia is a relation between genetics and the person’s environmental factors. Some factors are problems during birth, exposure to viruses, malnutrition, and drugs. Given some of the factors that contribute from the environment one could say it’s more environment than genetics. Schizophrenia is placed with behavioral because, the disorder deals with reduced feelings of desire in everyday life, and flat emotions. The psychoanalytic aspect of it fits with the deal of hallucinations and the fact that they have

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