The House On Mango Street Essay

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In the United States, English is looked at as the most powerful language. When living in the U.S. if one doesn’t speak English they’re looked at differently, and are not able to obtain as many resources as those speaking English. In most schools, English is automatically the dominant language spoken. Languages such as French and Spanish are taught as foreign languages. How can the United States be known as a “melting pot” of cultures if other languages are looked at as less powerful as English. The book, The House on Mango Street does a respectable job of highlighting instances where language created experiences of characters. In chapter four, My Name, the author first exposes her name. Esperanza. She starts off saying “In English my name mean hope. In Spanish…it means sadness, it means waiting.” This is symbolic in the sense that the meaning of her name in Spanish describes her emotional state in life. The fact that she wants to escape Mango Street but is unable at this time. The nature of this chapter is somber making depressing comparisons of her name to things like “a muddy color.” It’s easy to tell that she doesn’t like her name as she mentions the way kids at school cannot pronounce is correctly or that she desires to change her name to something more powerful. Because the author was named after her great-grandmother, she makes a relation of the name to the way of life her great-grandmother lived: forced into marriage and sad. That once again goes back to the…

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