The Horror Genre Of Horror Essay examples

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The horror genre has evolved drastically over time. When one mentions horror today, they might imagine the screams of poor teenagers as all their guts are ripped from their bodies, or the unsettling tension created by the knowledge that evil lurks around characters that are oblivious. Over the years, horror has had to keep audiences on their toes and switch up their scaring tactics to kept the adrenaline pumping. But is the horror film dependent on the scares it provides, or the topic within the film? Although the genre is flooded with gore and jump-scares, the films that are based in mystery and ideas can be equally as scary to the viewer. Considering horror films is rooted heavily in the German Expressionist movement, and specifically The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari (Robert Wiene, 1920), which launched the genre to commercial success internationally, propelling the horror genre to mainstream audiences. Leading to the conclusion that the German Expressionist movement and The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari would still be relevant to modern horror. German Expressionism was the outcome of the post-World War I atmosphere of Germany and its defeat. It followed the avant-garde style movement before it, leading to the unique imagery it presents, but letting deeper meanings shine through. It was an outlet for the anger and depression that filled the German. By the time German Expressionism was introduced to the cinemas, it was already prevalent in the current culture around Germany, such as…

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